Realise the full value of your Property & Business Assets through an accurate Quantity Survey

Employing a quantity surveyor when selling or taking over a commercial property or Business can be a good investment. The quantity surveyors work involves going through all your equipment to obtain a realistic current value.

We’re often surprised to find that many business and commercial property owners do not have an accurate up to date equipment cost estimation completed by a qualified quantity surveyor. Even when they do have one it is usually ancient with items missing and an underestimate.

Although the cost of employing an experienced quantity surveyor with good knowledge within your industry may appear to be expensive, it could pay dividends down the track. There are several advantages to this.

Passing this information to your accountant. This will ensure that your tax depreciation schedules are accurate so that you get the right tax advantages when your accountant complete your accounts. This is in addition to the construction costs or bill of quantities documentation which you should have when constructing or renovating your business property. This is usually supplied by engineers contractors or project manager for your construction project.

Getting a more accurate idea of what your business or property is of great value when selling. As depreciation is a cost or add back on the profit and loss account, it improves profitability and the overall market value. Hence not leaving any money on the table when negotiating your sale.

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