Investment Property Loans

?What is an Investment?Loan?

Investment loans are a mortgage solution when you would like to purchase a property as an investment and lease it out but cannot afford to Purchase the property without taking out some sort of loan. Although there sometimes more tighter lending restrictions with Commercial Property, lending criteria that apply to most commercial real estate investments are similar with residential investment loans.

Investment Property Loans used wisely, can help you get up the Property Investment ladder faster.

Who can purchase an Investment Property?

What to look for in an investment loan.

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Buying an investment Property


Buying an Investment Property

It is important that you sort out how much you have as a deposit. The higher the deposit, the better your buying power. It is somewhat similar to the same principle applies with commercial as well as residential. Other items to know include do you have equity in any existing properties, Finding out more about stamp duty and other costs of buying an investment property and Understanding the settlement process.

You should also be familiar with current interest rates, fees payable and repayment amounts.


Buying Investment Property

Finding the right loan for your investment?


What is an investment Loan?

How to use equity to build your wealth. What are your investment strategies. Does the investment property have a positive or negative cash flow. What is the difference and how are they affected by depreciation.

Investment Property Loans


Important items to consider when buying and Investment Property

Get professional financial advice.

Find out what your expenses and income are.

Choose the right place and right property to buy.

Finding out the amount and right type of investment loan to fit into the the type of investment property you are buying.

Investment Property Loans


How much will your repayments be and what size of deposit you will need?