When most people think of property investing they usually think of investing in residential real estate. Very few even consider commercial/business real estate. Even though most investors know that the returns are usually higher, there is a perception surrounding commercial real estate that it is risky or unaffordable, or too hard to understand.

We are continually bombarded with newspaper articles and home renovation shows showing how some people are making a real killing from renovating and selling residential real estate.

Recent significant residential property price increases in major cities throughout the world have further fuelled a significant increase in residential property investment.

After all, we all have a great knowledge of residential real estate. Many of us have gone through the process of buying our own home. We have seen the impressive capital gains over the years. As such, many people regard residential real estate as a ?safe? investment option.

At the same time we have seen investors looking for higher investment returns and a bit more diversity that commercial business real estate often offers.