Boarding House Property

A boarding house property or lodging house (as is sometimes called) is? residential style accomodation provided to a tenant (lodger) for a fee. The basic setup can be either a seperate single room/studio apartment? or shared accommodation room with cooking and bathroom facilities which are usually shared? with other residents or within same unit .

Registered boarding houses

In NSW the Boarding Houses Act of 2012 covers the requirements of registered boarding houses in detail. Under the Act there are two types;

General – which provide ?affordable? accomodation for five or more residents. They do not include aged care, hotels, motels, backpackers or other types of accomodation excluded with the Act.

Assisted – these provide accomodation for two or more residents with additional needs.

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Boarding House Investments



General Overview of Boarding Houses

Boarding Houses can have slightly different definitions outside Australia

Popular Accomodation Developments

Boarding House development is becoming more popular as a result of increased cost of housing in Sydney in addition many other major cities of the world. At the same time local council codes usually allow for more development compared to similar adjoing residential block. For this reason they are sought after real estate invesments.

Boarding House Act

What it means to residents.

In NSW Australia the Act provides for? accommodation? agreements between the? boarding house owners and the residents. In general, It allows the tribunal to deal with some disputes.

Boarding House property

Boarding House Investment


Boarding House Misconceptions

Many boarding house property development applications usually find opposition from nearby neighbours. Usually, they argue boarding house property residents are in general deviots and undesirables. This is, in reality a gross exaggeration. Boarding house is changed over the years. Many of the new are boarding/lodging houses are designed to blend in with the current local housing community.??Generally speaking, they usually have their own bathroom and small kitchenette with comfortable shared community dining/lounge and garden areas.

Boarding House Investment

Boarding House Popular investments

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